Byala Reka (White River) Eco-Trail 

A trail with spectacular mountain scenery and an easy one – it is suitable for less experienced hikers and beginners. It is 1.83 km long and at its highest point, it is 630 metres above sea level. The trail starts from the camp and follows the White River Gorge. At a few spots, you pass over the water, along magical little wooden bridges above the rocks. There are springs and pools where you can relax or just jump into the icy water to get cool.
Along the entire trail, there are information boards installed telling about the local flora and fauna. At several places, there are wonderful meadows where you can rest and just lie listening to the constant rumbling of the water. We recommend that you get some water and something sweet from the camp café before you set out. Although the trail is easy and pleasant to walk, you can quickly get hungry and thirsty in the mountain.

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