Thracian sanctuaries in Sredna Gora

In Sarnena Sredna Gora there are many Thracian sanctuaries. We recommend that you visit at least some of them. They are very interesting and truly provoke your imagination. Amazing views emerge before your eyes on the way to them.
•    Plochata (The Plate) Dolmen - this is the largest megalithic structure on the territory of the country.

•    Kutela - located near the village of Rozovets. It is a megalithic glass–shaped granite block.

•    Pravite Kamani - a pair of parallel, vertical stone plates, which are also near Rozovets village.

•    The Lyulyakovo Sanctuary - located in a lilac forest, on the way to Mount Gradishteto.

•    Yaytseto na Zmeitsata (The Egg of the Dragon) - it is the only well-preserved megalithic "egg" in Bulgaria. It is located near the village of Svezhen.

•    Slanchevata Porta or Vratata na Boginyata (The Sun Gate or The Door of the Mother Goddess) - especially beautiful at sunset when the last sunlight falls into the hole between the rocks. It is located above the village of Buzovgrad.

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