Botev Peak

The highest peak in Stara Planina (the Balkan Mountains), 2,376 metres, can be climbed in one day if, of course, you have some experience in mountain trekking and climbing. The climb is relatively difficult, but the magnificent views along the way are worth all the effort.
One of the most beautiful trails goes through Dzhendema Reserve and to Raisko Praskalo Waterfall. You can rest at Rai (Heaven) Rest House, have a meal and continue your climb to the peak. At one point of your ascent, you will see mounts Kupena, Ambaritsa and Zhaltets.
It is recommendable to have the proper equipment and clothes, as it is usually quite windy on the top, and also have sufficient water supplies with you, because on some of the routes, from a certain point on, there is nowhere to find water.
Botev Peak is one of the 100 National Tourist Landmark Objects of Bulgaria. If there is an interest with our guests, we offer a climb to the peak. Time and routes are tailored to the climbing skills of the group.

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