Tazha Gorge

The gorge is 10 km long and its average altitude is 800 m. It starts not far from the Tazha Rest House and is entirely on the territory of the Djendema Reserve. 
Tazha Gorge is home to bears, deer and wild goats. Rock eagles also nestle here. Your trail will pass through forests of beech, oak and hornbeam trees. There is so much to see, but it is recommendable to hike with a mountain guide.
In the southern part of the gorge, on its slopes, some rock towers can be seen. The guide will also point your attention to some of the chambers carved into the rocks - remains of an ancient fortress. 
At your request, the team of The Klukarnika Guest House can organize a trek through the Tazha Gorge. We will plan the tour appropriately to your pace and provide a guide to help explore the beauty of the gorge.

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