Raisko Praskalo Waterfall

Raisko Praskalo is the highest waterfall in Bulgaria - 124.5 metres. It is located in the Central Balkan National Park, in the Dzhendema Nature Reserve. Below it is the Rai Mountain Rest House.
The trail to the waterfall is not the easiest, but the adventure is worthwhile. You get spectacular views in front of you and our experienced mountain guides direct your attention to some amazing places and wildlife dwellings that you would otherwise miss.
The rocks around the waterfall attract many rock climbing lovers. This is also one of the activities offered by the team of The Klukarnika Guest House. Why not combine mountain hiking with trying something new or your favourite passion?
Not far from Raisko Рraskalo is the Byala Reka (White River) Eco-Trail - we recommend it for an easy hike in one of the most picturesque regions in the Balkan Mountains (Stara Planina).

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